Ejot JT3-6 5.5 Stainless Steel Teks

EJOT JT3 SAPHIR® fasteners are manufactured from 304 (A2) grade austenitic stainless steel suitable for use when drilling and tapping into ALUMINIUM sections.

Advantages of the JT3 Saphir range

  • For fixing to medium steel sections
  • Aluminium roofing and cladding sheets to medium steel sections
  • A2 austenitic stainless steel fastener with carbon steel drill point
  • Assembly - where specified they are assembled with a stainless steel / EPDM vulcanised sealing washer ensuring a safe seal every time
  • Finish - these fasteners are zinc coated for aesthetic reasons and waxed to lubricate the surface during installation
  • Colour matching - For colour matching Ejot fasteners can be capped with Ejot push-on caps, or powder coated

RJ offer a complete range of Ejot stainless steel fasteners for insulation and other applications. Please contact us, or make an enquiry for more information.

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