Spitfire P370 with Magazine (Includes Single Shot Adaptor)

Fully automatic Spitfire P370, the professional's choice for shot fired fixings into steel, concrete and masonry.

Advantages of the P370

  • Automatic piston return - High install rate with low user fatigue
  • Magazine or single shot tool - Automatic firing of up to 10 pins using the magazine
  • Power adjustment - Versatile: one pin and one load to fix into different base materials
  • Adjustable magazine - 4 adjustable positions give greater flexibility when working in confined spaces
  • Easy maintenance - The fastest powder tool to dismantle, clean and re-assemble
  • Universal piston - No need to change the piston for different substrates
  • BSI and CPI accredited - Meets UK/International regulations


Overhead Deflection Head, Brick Tie, Composite Decking, Formstopm, Dry Lining Track, Insulation Panels, Waterproofing, Steel Grid

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