Fischer FIS V 360 Resin

Styrene-free, quick-curing high-performance hybrid mortar (contains vinylester resin and cement).


  • High-performance hybrid mortar for highest loads in almost all building materials
  • Universal fixing system for a broad range of applications on building sites
  • Expansion-free anchoring allows low spacings and edge distances
  • Extensive range of accessories for a wide variety of applications
  • Ergonomic application guns for quick and easy installation
  • Approvals cover many applications in most material and guarantee maximum safety

Types of Materials

Concrete, Solid brick, Solid stone, Solid block, Aerated concrete

Main Uses

Steel constructions - Railings - Consoles - Ladders - Machines Cable trays - Gates - Facades - High racks - Canopies - Stand-off installations


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  • Products
    • RGM Threaded Studs Zinc
      RGM Threaded Studs. Hex. external drive. Zinc plated steel grade 5.8
    • RGM Threaded Studs A4
      RGM Threaded Studs. Stainless steel of the corrosion resistance class III
    • RG M I Internal threaded anchor electro zinc plated
      RG M I Internal threaded anchor electro zinc plated
      RG MI.jpg
    • RG MI R Internal threaded anchor (Stainless Steel)
      RG MI R Internal threaded anchor (Stainless Steel)
      RG MI.jpg
    • Rebar anchor FIS
      FRA Rebar anchor. Approved ETA for FISV and FIS EM resins
    • FIS HK Injection anchor Sleeve
      Plastic Sleeve
      FIS H K_M.jpg
    • FIS H N Injection Anchor Sleeve
      Net Sleeve
    • FIS H L Injection Anchor Sleeve
      Metal Sleeve
      FIS H L.jpg
    • FIS Extension Nozzle
      FIS SE nozzle
      FIS S.jpg
    • Injection Resin Applicator
      Fischer Dispenser FIS DM S for 2 Chamber Cartridge
    • BS M Brushes for Concrete
      Hole Cleaning Brushes. Installation in accordance with ETA. Comes in sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16/18, 20/22, 24, 25, 28 and 35mm
    • ABG Blow out Pump
      Fischer Blow Out Pump
      ABG PUMP.jpg
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