Smarter Fixing Systems

Work smarter, not longer

Technology continually moves in the world of technical fixings. Corporations spend large budgets on R&D to support specialist contractors reduce time, and solve engineering problems - these are our partners.

Safety Critical Installations

New building methods and lighter weight materials constantly place demands on other phases of the build.

Safety critical installations, like curtain wall brackets, can have a narrow fixing zone, tighter edge space requirement and reduced embedment depths. RJ specialises in ETA 1 Approved fixing systems that answer these questions.


Time Saving Technology

Project demands can mean that traditional methods of fixing can be too slow. RJ is a market leading supplier of direct fixing systems that will help drive job site speed.Suitability of using direct fixings are dependent of the substrate and type of loading. RJ will offer advice in the decision process into where, and where not to use a direct fixing.

Project Support

Left: Installing studs using Fischer FIS V360; Middle: Installing Single Cable Bow using the Spit P370 and pole tool system; Right: Installing plastic conduit using P-Clip & Spit P370